WinCCOA - DIM Integration


The WinCCOA-DIM toolkit allows to interface WinCCOA to devices which do not provide any of WinCCOA's supported protocols (such as OPC). DIM is a communication mechanism running on several platforms. WinCCOA can behave as a DIM Client (i.e. receive information from or send commands to DIM servers) or as a DIM Server (i.e. send information to or receive commands from DIM clients). Please read the WinCCOA-DIM manual for detailed information.


The WinCCOA-DIM toolkit provides a bridge between WinCCOA datapoints (either full structures or single items) and DIM services. WinCCOA communicates with DIM via a WinCCOA-DIM Api Manager: WCCOAdim. WCCOAdim can be configured either via a configuration file or via a configuration datapoint. A library can be used to manipulate the configuration datapoint. A visualization/configuration panel is also available.


Download for: WinCCOA 3.16 (Windows or Linux)
                             (Older versions: PVSS 3.8, WinCCOA 3.11, WinCCOA 3.11 SP1, WinCCOA 3.15)

The Distribution kit contains the WinCCOA-DIM tools (Api Manager, panels, script library, etc.) and a pre-configured example (no need to install DIM separately).