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The ELOG software is used as the Electronic Logbook  for the control room of the LHCb experiment. Note that full URL name is

Its purpose is to provide subdetector internal or external experts with a quick and easy-to-use logbook to support their work. It will also be used for the Shift Crew with a probably slightly different modification. The web site contains also Velo commissioning logbooks previously on the H8 test beam or at NIKHEF.

How to start reading

Reading the logbooks doesn't require any special registration or privileges. From the main page, select the logbook you want. The list of the most recent entries is displayed, most recent first, on a single line per entry. You can change to full display (whole entries) or threaded display, to see replies linked to the original entry. You can search entries, either using the selection boxes on the right part of the header, or using the Find command, where many choices are available. The Help command gives you access to the complete Elog help site.


In order to be able to post, you have to 'login' to the system. A login page is displayed, where you enter your user name and password.

If you have not yet registered, select the 'Register as new user' command. You have to specify a short username (your 'login' for Elog), your full name to be used for all entries you will create (Please your full name in the form "Firstname Lastname", not a nickname that can become ambiguous), your mail address and a password.

If you have already registered, but forgot your password, select the 'Forgot password?' command. You will receive a mail with a clickable link to re-register with a new password. This is why your mail address is needed.

This username will be stored in Elog's user database, and also remembered by a cookie in your browser, so you will be easily identified the next time. You can later change your password using the 'Config' tab on the main page. If using a computer shared with other users, it is advisable to logout, so that the next user will not put entries under your name!

Once logged in, you can post, or edit the entries you have posted yourself. Other edition or deletion can only be done by administrators.

Feed back

Please report problems with the product or the documentation to the maintainer.

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