DCS Equipment

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All DCS equipment is interfaced to the ECS. The generic architecture is the following:

High & Low Voltages, Temperatures, etc.

On an aim for standardisation the following guidelines have been adopted:

Special equipment will be studied on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us!

Recommended components (and migration to OPC UA):

The recommended platform for OPC-UA servers is Linux.
  - For Ethernet based devices the OPC UA Server can run in the same (virtual) machine as the WinCC-OA project.
    - For CANbus devices the OPC server runs on a CCPC box that needs to be migrated to Linux (or better a spare one setup).

The recommended version of WinCC-OA is 3.16

The latest versions of the JCOP FW and FwInstallation tool are recommended.

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