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Experiment Control System


The control systems of the four LHC experiments have been developed in common within the Joint COntrols Project (JCOP).

LHCb's Experiment Control System is in charge of the configuration, control and monitoring of all the components of the online system. This includes all devices in the areas of: data acquisition, detector control (ex slow controls), trigger, timing and the interaction with the outside world.


The central ECS team provides a framework to the sub-detectors groups which need to configure and develop the specific control functions for their sub-detector. The control framework is based on a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system called WinCC-OA (Ex PVSS II) and it will have to be interfaced to all experimental equipment.

Sub-Detector/Sub-System Integration

Recommended Components and Interfaces

Program of work & activities

  • Develop the electronics interfaces to ECS

  • Framework development (sub-system integration, partitioning, etc.)

  • Framework deployment in the Test Beam

  • Test Beam support

  • Provide consultancy and support to sub-detectors

  • Continue gathering sub-detector requirements

  • Configuration database

  • Gaucho (Gaudi Component Helping Online)


  • Central ECS: Clara Gaspar(Coordinator), Niko Neufeld, Eric Van Herwijnen, Rainer Schwemmer, Luis Granado Cardoso
  • Sub-detector/Sub-system contacts:
    Magnet Marcello Losasso
    Vertex D. Massimiliano Ferro-Luzzi
    Silicon Tracker Pablo Vasquez
    Outer Tracker Antonio Pellegrino
    RICH Flavio Fontanelli
    Calorimeters Xavier Vilasis Cardona
    Muon Valerio Bocci
    Trigger (high Level) Hans Dijkstra
    L0 Trigger Pierre-Yves Duval
    Electronics Ken Wyllie
    Test Beam Niko Neufeld
    DAQ Beat Jost
    TFC Richard Jacobsson
    DSS Rolf Lindner, Laurent Roy

Presentations at LHCb meetings:

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