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Experiment Control System


The LHCb PVSS Framework is organized in components. In this page you can download a single package containing the consolidated set of supported components or the latest version of individual components.

The persons responsible for the components in the LHCb framework are responsible for adding and testing new versions of their component according to the instructions found here.

Note: On Linux all ZIPs should be unzipped using: "unzip -a"

LHCb Framework for WinCC-OA 3.15 ONLY!

lhcbfw-12.1 (current)

date version remarks
23/05/2019 lbDCS_v1r1[ZIP]
This LHCb framework sub-package contains only lbFsmDomains 5.2, lbCaenHV 4.0, lbLV 4.0. Should be used only for DCS/HV projects and after installing the latest relevant JCOP_FW Components from here: http://jcop.web.cern.ch/jcop-framework-0



This LHCb framework contains (JCOP FW 8.1.0)

 LHCb Framework for WinCC-OA 3.11


date version remarks



This LHCb framework contains (FW 5.0.1, fwConfigurationDB 5.0.2, fwFsmConfDB 5.0.0, FSM 30.5, DIM 20.4, Elmb 3.5.5, Hw 4.0, Specs 4.0, Ccpc 3.0, Tell1 3.0, lbFsmDomains 5.1, lbECS 4.0,  lbCaenHV 4.0, lbLV 4.0, lbCondDB 6.0, lbArchive 3.7)

Individual Components (out of date...)

name contact person latest version
Framework JCOP 8.1.0
Controls Hierarchy (FwFSM)
(new 23/06/2008)
Clara Gaspar 33.3
FwDIM Clara Gaspar 23.1
FwSPECS Clara Gaspar 3.5
FwCCPC Clara Gaspar 2.19
FwTell1 Rainer Schwemmer 2.3.16
FwHw Clara Gaspar 3.6
TFC Richard Jacobsson 2.4
fwElmb James Cook 3.4.1
lbConfDBv3.5 Lana Abadie 3.5
lbCaenHV Clara Gaspar 3.2.1
lbLV Clara Gaspar 3.4.0
lbWienerCrate Clara Gaspar 1.0.0
lbCondDB Maria del Carmen Barandela 4.3.0
lbArchive Maria del Carmen Barandela 3.3.0
lbFsmDomains & lbECS (new 23/06/2008) Clara Gaspar 4.1 & 2.4
EFF Fernando Varela Rodriguez 2.0.0
lbHLTFarm Clara Gaspar 1.2
FwFarmMon Federico Bonifazi 3.2
Gaucho Eric van Herwijnen 2.17
lbElog Alba Sambade Varela 1.4
fwExternalAlertHandler (new 29/01/2009) Alba Sambade Varela 1.3
lbLogErrorHandler (new 21/08/2009) Alba Sambade Varela 0.5.2
RateCtrl (new 12/09/2008) Jean-Francois Menou 1.0.0

If you need help to install the LHCb framework, see here.

Crack farm runcontrol system installation guide is here.

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